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An ounce of smarts is worth more than a pound of strength   . . . . . or conditioning   . . . . . or even technical skill

1-aug-2012 | Reuters News
Olympics all about execution of skills under pressure

04-oct-2012 | Boston University, USA
How to be a mentally tough baseball pitcher

03-dec-2012 | University of Manouba, Tunisia
Effects of a shoot training programme with a reduced hoop diameter rim

15-jan-2012 | Australian Institute of Sport
Distinguishing psychological characteristics of expert cricket batsmen

1-may-2012 | University of Surrey, UK
Visual skills and playing positions of Olympic field hockey players

15-nov-2012 | Yahoo Sports
Competitive edge of great players lies in selective attention

03-jul-2012 | University of Exeter, UK
Target-locking gaze control strategy for golf putting

01-sep-2012 | GDIPrairies.com, Canada
Building awareness and anticipation skills for hockey goaltenders

01-jun-2012 | University of Bedfordshire, UK
Decision-making ability of referees impaired by hot and cold weather

17-jun-2012 | École Normale Supérieure de Cachan
Detecting deception in side-step rugby movements

16-oct-2012 | International Christian University, Japan
Comparative analysis of ball possesion and team success in soccer

17-nov-2012 | NY Times
Insight on the depth of Roger Federer's deliberate practice

In the news . . .       We are all capable of extraordinary performance in some domain of expertise
Photo credit: July 21, 2013 | The Guardian, UK | members

New findings in the field of talent development suggest it is an egregious error for so-called experts (such as parents or teachers) to suggest limits on what people can ultimately achieve.

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Latest scientific findings . . .       Quiet eye gaze behavior of expert baseball plate umpires

(photo credit: ) July 19, 2013 | University of Minnesota Duluth, USA | members

Results indicate that the area outside the pitcher's ball release point may be the key environment cue for the behind-the-plate umpire.

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IQ blogs . . .       Useful blueprint for changing the way we think about practice

dancer July 18, 2013 | Daniel Coyle - The Talent Code | members

California woman who spent the past year transforming herself from an awkward beginner to a remarkably skilled dancer.

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More news headlines on sensory skills training . . . . .

21-july-2013 | The Guardian, UK
We are all capable of extraordinary performance in some domain of expertise   members

19-july-2013 | University of Minnesota Duluth, USA
Quiet eye gaze behavior of expert baseball plate umpires   members

18-july-2013 | Daniel Coyle - The Talent Code
Useful blueprint for changing the way we think about practice   members

15-july-2013 | Masaryk University, Czech Republic
Influence of negative pre-match mental States on coping with psychological burden during football match   members

14-july-2013 | University of Birmingham, UK
Ability to manage goals makes an athlete successful   members

12-july-2013 | University of Exeter, UK
Impact of visual illusion on perception, action planning and motor performance   members

11-july-2013 | University of Birmingham, USA
When the going gets tough, the WHY of goal-striving matters   members

07-july-2013 | Daniel Coyle - The Talent Code
Forget 10,000 hours - instead, aim for 10 minutes   members

06-july-2013 | University of Oldenburg, Germany
Fields of vision influence perceptual skill in anticipating opponents' attacking position in volleyball   members

05-july-2013 | Career Success
How extraordinary success came to a very ordinary Bob Fisher   members

03-july-2013 | Murdoch University, Australia
Transfer of expert visual anticipation to a similar domain   members

01-july-2013 | Daniel Coyle - The Talent Code
Your ability to learn is a measurable skill   members

01-july-2013 | Yeshiva University, USA
Frequent soccer ball heading may lead to brain injury   members

01-july-2013 | Indiana University, USA
Elite athletes often shine sooner or later -- but not both   members

01-july-2013 | American Academy of Sleep Medicine, USA
Fatigue and sleep linked to MLB performance and career longevity   members

SVST Coaching Community

 Pro Athlete Profiles
24-aug-2012 | TVA Sports
Pro hockey players jump at chance to demo latest sports vision technology

24-jul-2012 | DailyRecord.co.uk
Ernie Els reveals critical moment he turned to visual skills coach

12-jun-2012 | Washington Times, USA
MLB players praise training that helps strenghthen vision


  Coaching Corner
09-oct-2012 | LearntoCoachBasketball.com
Coach your athletes from-the-why, rather than on-the-what

03-sep-2012 | Brian McCormick Basketball
Why competitive games are not conducive to skill learning

01-sep-2012 | Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Norway
Lack of long-term development awareness among coaches linked to demotivation in elite athletes

 Athletic Development
27-sept-2012 | University of Central Lancashire, UK
The rocky road to the top: why talent needs trauma

07-feb-2012 | Coaching Association of Canada
Model of coaching in stages for long-term athletic development

01-mar-2003 | Queen's University, Canada
Nurturing sport expertise: factors influencing the development of an elite athlete

01-jun-1999 | Queen's University, Canada
Influence of the family in the development of talent in sport

 Talent Identification
09-oct-2012 | Staffordshire University, UK
Holistic approach to talent identification in youth soccer

24-sept-2012 | Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
After a decade of RAE research, have talent identification strategies changed?

22-mar-2007 | The Genius in All of Us
Truly fascinating insights into talent and greatness emerge from realm of human musculature

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